This is the official homepage for the European Intelligent Metering project.

The project has been funded by the EU through the 'Intelligent Energy Europe' programme.

The official title for the project is 'Energy Savings from Intelligent Metering and Behavioural Change' (ref. EIE/04/107/SO7.38635, Intelligent Metering), and it has involved partners from AUSTRIA, DENMARK, GERMANY and the UNITED KINGDOM.

The project has run from January 2005 to December 2006.


The overall objective of the project was to maximize the energy savings available across Europe through the use of intelligent metering and behavioral changes of building occupants.

This project has aimed to demonstrate and promote the savings available from the use of intelligent metering and training occupants in public buildings and to show that these savings can be achieved at little, or no, additional cost.

Therefore the cost-benefit ratio of these measures was very high. This means that the approach is replicable across Europe as these savings are affordable for even the most 'cash strapped' public authorities.

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