Buying Domain

It happens often that domain I want to register is not available. I have found the domain on a special domain marketplace and now I am thinking of actually buying it. Is there anything I need to be aware before I pull the trigger?

Well, domain price is often the main factor of the deal and you need to make sure that the price is right. There are few ways to go about it:

  • Check the recent domain sale price for a comparable domain with similar characteristics. A number of marketplaces would have a “just sold” section to give you an idea if the price you are about to pay is reasonable.
  • Check the sites that provide domain evaluation, like: Free Valuator, but take this evaluations rather as a very secondary factor influencing your decision. You will likely find that price ranges drastically from site to site. Stick to the one that in your opinion gives you closest evaluation and use it in the future.

If you have done it yet consider checking Positive Domain Metrics that increase the value of the domain.

Positive: Top-Level Domain (TLD)

There is really just one TLD that stands above the rest: “.com”. The second bests are 
“.org” generally for non-profit organizations and “.net” for network domain. Other TLDs are less appealing and generally with a very few exceptions worth less.

Positive: Domain Authority

This metric was developed by Moz to give user an idea of how well domain will be ranked by search engine. It is important to note that this is a relative only metric, which means the domain with the higher Domain Authority (DA) will rank by search engine higher. Or further more with every other factor being the same for the same keyword your site will appear higher in search engine result search than the competitor with lower Domain Authority. If you have a couple of domain to evaluate domain with higher DA would be more valuable if the other metrics are similar or the same.

Positive: Number of Backlinks

In general the more backlinks domain has the better value it is. But, having the backlinks from the different domains especially if these are from the domains with high Domain Authority is much much better.

There are many other metrics that one should look into but to drive the point home you must do a due diligence before you buy. Number of positive domain metrics will drive the price up but I would highlight the one metric that have a potential to drive it down or more often will be a dealbreaker for you to consider.

Negative: Toxic backlinks

There are number of toxic markers that would make a link toxic. Backlinks from link-farm page, page comment spam, known to be paid directory, irrelevant source or poor domain authority just to name a few.
It is important to avoid domains with toxic backlinks since this will likely result in domain to be penalized by search engines. If you are buying this domain to improve ranking in Google, having lots of toxic links does not help.
Backlink audit form SEMrush is one of the tools that could help you to check this in depth. SEMrush offers some information for free and evaluation period, but even if you opt-in to trial first and pay later it is absolutely worth checking it out. This will save you money and prevent making a costly mistake.