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Domain Auction

Did you ever had an idea in mind for a domain and went to the domain registrar to register it just to find that domain name is already taken? Well, and so did I. But, before you give up I suggest to check if domain you wanted so bad is available on domain auction or […]

Buying Domain

It happens often that domain I want to register is not available. I have found the domain on a special domain marketplace and now I am thinking of actually buying it. Is there anything I need to be aware before I pull the trigger? Well, domain price is often the main factor of the deal […]

How to sell my domain

Ok, let’s say you have a domain name that you do not need anymore or you have bought a domain and now you have decided to sell it. But what are the ways to get more money for it? Where can I sell a domain Aside from a private sale to somebody you know and […]