Domain Auction

Did you ever had an idea in mind for a domain and went to the domain registrar to register it just to find that domain name is already taken? Well, and so did I. But, before you give up I suggest to check if domain you wanted so bad is available on domain auction or some call it domain marketplace.

Surprisingly there are many Domain Auctions available today to choose from. And just to name a few in no particular order of importance:

  • Godaddy Domain Auction
    For a small yearly fee you can become a part of large Domain Marketplace with some interesting filtering abilities in advanced search section, There is also a domain API you can explore if you want to buy in bulk
  • GreatDomains Auction from Sedo
    Claims to be the largest domain marketplace today. No fees or commissions for you as a buyer of domain.
  • Domain Marketplace from Namecheap
    About 7 million domains listed at the time of the writing.
  • Domains at
    Probably the most advanced when it comes to filtering and domain mining.
    Sells websites too, might be a good idea to buy both (domain and website) for some.
    $9 Listing fee with free initial re-list for auction or $1 for classified listing.
    All listings that are successfully sold will result in a 15% success fee that will be discounted to 12% if you use Flippa Escrow.

The business model for the market place is to connect sellers with the buyers and get the small set fee or a percentage of the domain sale. WHat you need to worry about is to make sure your sale is safe. Some of the auctions offer being a mediator in the deal as a third party to offer you a safe transaction. I would go as far as recommend escrow service from guys like or These are not cheap but totally worth it. I have personally used Sedo Escrow Services a few times.

Try a few and pick the one that works for you.