How to sell my domain

Ok, let’s say you have a domain name that you do not need anymore or you have bought a domain and now you have decided to sell it. But what are the ways to get more money for it?

Where can I sell a domain

Aside from a private sale to somebody you know and most importantly trust there are number of marketplaces where you can sell domain online. Save yourself nerves and hassle and make sure that marketplace has escrow services to protect seller and buyer from any sort of fraud and make transaction a success. Few places that offer it today: Godady, flippa, 1and1 ?

How can I get most value for my domain

Let’s face it, there are many ways to do that and multiple factors that impact amount of money you can get for a domain. But perhaps two most impactful points that you should consider are:

  • Positive Domain Metrics
  • Sales Pitch

There are many other factors that would drive the price up, but these in my humble opinion are the most common and add most value.

Positive Domain Metrics

Domain Age, Domain Authority, Top-Level Domain, Domain Rank in search engines, number of good links to your domain are just few of important characteristics that would contribute to domain value. For example: with everything else more or less the same domain that is few years old and has a high domain authority is more valuable than domain with no domain authority that has been registered a few days ago.

Sales Pitch

You probably have heard a saying “good salesman can sell anything” which has it’s merits, but what would I do if I am not a “sales guy”? Well, it is all about the homework. Again there is no simple advice on how to do that but these are a few principles that worked for me:

  • Highlight the positive domain metrics that would improve the domain value
  • If you have skills, make a one page website for the domain with few unique sentences on the page that would allow search engine to index it and keep or improve existing domain value
  • If you are selling a domain and do not need a website anymore then sell these together, this might have additional value to the buyer, so get more money for it
  • Try a few different marketplaces to see which one works the best
  • Look back at your post and evaluate if it looks appealing to you or in other words would you buy it?

In reality there are many factors and techniques that folks use today to get the most money for the domain, but these are the few basic ones that you should know about.